14/03 — 25/04

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    Conspiracy rooms
    paper, charcoal, graphit, pencil

    Photographs depicting the interiors of secret conspiracy dwellings served as the raw material for the series of drawings portraying different conspiracy rooms. These dwellings were used by the former Ministry of State Security (Stasi) of the German Democratic Republic as a meeting place for the Stasi‘s unofficial employees and its leading officers. For these informants, a seemingly relaxed and cosy atmosphere was generated for the purpose of betrayal and denunciation. Conspiracy dwellings are ‚non-places‘ and don‘t have any spectacular appearance. Instead, they are superficial imitations of real living spaces and the differences and perceptible deviations can be found in only a few precise details. The drawings deal with the specific psychology of these interiors as well as their ambivalence of holding an inscrutable secret.

    “The conspiracy dwelling should be in a clean condition, so that the secret employee feels comfortable there. Food, drinks and tobacco products should be provided, as well as sweets for female secret employees. Conspiracy dwellings should not be set up in buildings that are used by political parties or governmental institutions, but rather in buildings frequented by the public, on busy streets and if possible on the middle floor. Clear lines of sight from the conspiracy dwelling are also important, as well as a credible political environment.“

    (Ministry for State Security – Directive concerning the secret employees, informants and people maintaining conspiracy dwellings – 20/11/1952)