14/03 — 25/04

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    untitled relict prora


    video installation

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    Untitled Relict deals with the ideological and the architectural dimension of a dilapidated school building. Images of abandoned and ruined interiors are combined with a personal memory of this place.

    Various video modules show different classrooms oscillating back and forth. Yet while the space is always in motion, the person in the middle is always in a vertical position. The oscillating room puts the body into a permanent countermotion and creates a continuous imbalance between space and person. The school building and its bygone ideology begins to sway.

    This video was created in the ruins of an abandoned school in the northern German village Prora. The turbulent history of this place is directly linked to the local dilapidated KdF seaside resort and its 5-kilometer-long building built by the Nazis. The origin and the interior of the appendant school dates back to the time of the former GDR (East Germany), while the whole area was restricted for the military. Since the turnaround of 1990 and the subsequent withdrawal of the military, the village and its historic buildings began to decay. The abandoned school is a rudiment of a past ideology. The smashed equipment and the dilapidated rooms show the disturbing devaluation of the village and the remaining cultural vacuum.

    untitled relict prora untitled relict prora